Dubbed by music industry insiders as “The Best Kept Secret” for his creativity in crafting hits for superstar artist, Darrell”Digga”Branch is the producer behind such acclaimed songs such as Many Men by 50 Cent, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop by Young Gunz, Dopeman by Jay-Z, Open Off My Love by Jennifer Lopez and more. Digga began his musical journey studying Hip Hop music at the age of seven.  For years he worked on his skills at deejaying, rapping and beat making.  While continuing to refine his chops as a beat maker/musician, Digga studied music and business at the University Of New Haven and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music.

Digga’s diligence in working closely with aspiring rapper Cam’ Ron landed him a production deal with Untertainment Productions.  Producing over 30 tracks for Untertainment Records newly signed recording artist Cam’ Ron, Digga received his first RIAA Gold certified award for his work on Cam’ Ron’s debut album Confessions Of Fire. Digga followed up his success with Cam’ Ron with a string of tracks by Ghostface, Busta Rhymes, Jennifer Lopez, Camp Lo, Shyheim, Nature, 50 Cent, Lumidee, Jay-Z and others.  Digga earned a BMI Urban Songwriters Award and a Grammy nomination for Best Performance By Group Or Duo for the 2004 hit “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” by the Young Gunz. Now president and CEO of Six Figga Entertainment, Digga continues to provide music for major artist, television, film, commercials and more.  In collaboration with a diversely talented network of beat makers, songwriters and engineers, Digga works at his full-service, state-of-the-art music production facilities in New Jersey and Georgia.

Darrell “Digga” Branch is a well respected, renowned and Grammy nominated music producer who has taken the field of music education by storm.  Digga has created a world class online music program, musicbizkids.com from scratch that is Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) aligned.  MusicBizKids.com has had immediate success and impacted the learning of the new generation of very young producers in a profounced way.  Digga has used his gift of vision and creativity to merge music technology, video production, audio engineering and music instruction into an educational masterpiece.

Digga’s transition into his role as professional music educator was seamless as a result of his experience in the music industry combined with the well rounded education he received studying music at the University Of New Haven.  Thus far Digga has been a true gift to education and has impacted the ways in which many educators approach teaching and learning as a result of the myriad of ways he engages his audience.  Digga plans to make history in the field of education and be recognized as a pioneer in bringing